Company History

The company was founded in 2004 by Simon Leblond and Simon Caron. It is their initials that have created the name SCL •MEDTECH.

From 2002 to 2004, at the IRSST and Sacré Cœur hospital in Montreal, Simon Caron worked with the original team who developed the first prototype of the SCL•GenaSIC™. This initial technology actually dates back to the mid-80s when the problem of generating known volumes and concentrations of potential respiratory irritants for research purposes was first elucidated.

Simon Leblond, a close friend and economics graduate of the University of Montreal, joined Mr Caron to provide the commercial and administrative functions of the business. Together, they sought a license from the IRSST for the existing patents and set out to complete the development of the SCL•GenaSIC™, to produce a machine that met all the standards required of the hospital environment on a global basis. The new device had to be extremely user-friendly, obviating the need for the level of technology support that had been a requirement of former technologies. New, patented, improvements made this possible.

The launch of SCL•MEDTECH has been facilitated by an extremely supportive advisory board comprised of Mr Emmanuel Montini (an expert in regulatory affairs), Mr Pierre Leblond (former quality manager at Imperial Tobacco), Mr Louis-Paul Morin (of the Montreal law firm BCF) and Mr Claude Michaud (from the financing organization CQVB). Additional guidance and assistance has been provided by SCL•MEDTECH's core collaborators — the IRSST, Sacré Cœur Hospital, CIHR, NRC and the Centre for Asthma in the Workplace.

By the end of 2006, the first commercially produced SCL•GenaSIC™ was supplied to the Sacré Cœur hospital and orders were in hand for other machines. In particular, the Laval Hospital in Quebec wished to emulate the services provided in Montreal and Environment Quebec sought the first commercial SCL•GenaSOL™ for use in their Laval laboratories. The company's first commercial presence was at the INRS' Wood Dust Congress in Strasbourg in October 2006.

Since then, ongoing R&D activities have produced new technologies and SCL •MEDTECH is now an established Montreal company, operating in the fields of Aerosol and Medical Instrumentation.


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